Tries: Cailin McCullough (2), Karen Snell, Erin Middleton, Enid Drummond, Jen Huntley
Converts: Cailin McCullough (3)
Hardest Workers: Lindsey Macleod
MVP 1 (awarded a Joe Montana look alike trophy by the FRQ): Cailin McCullough
MVP 2: Kim Goodwin

The Banshees closed out the summer season in style with a 36-0 win over the Club du Rugby de Quebec. Congratulations to the women on an undefeated season (excluding the game against Sherbrooke that we forfeited due to not wanting to travel there to play at 10am or 8pm).

Thanks also to all the spectators who came to watch. You can view some of the pics that were taken in the slideshow below, and more will become available once I get my hands on them.


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