This weekend, the OBBRFC sent a squad to participate in the Truro Rugby 7s Tournament to square off against 75 other teams in a no-holds-barred rodeo barn rugby adventure that makes our participation in the annual Waterloo Oktoberfest tournament look like amateur hour. The only words that can even come close to describe this event are ‘Rugby’ and ‘Christmas,’ but instead of praising the birth of baby Jesus, we now recognize the birth of the Club’s new Lord and Saviour, Arne Bitz. If (when?) Arnie dies for the sins of the OBBRFC, it will probably be a result of the bowl of gravy he drank in the name of Beavers tradition.


Game-changing social antics aside, this weekend also involved rugby. Although the Women’s side didn’t fair so well (we will blame that on the fact that they were playing for the Ottawa Indians), the Men made it to the championship rounds, where their previous successes were rewarded with an 8:30am semi-finals game that went to reinforce why rugby should never be played on a Sunday. Needless to say, the game was a debacle worthy of remembrance, which was for the best because more rugby that day would have been unbearable anyways.


This whole experience should teach the OBBRFC one thing, and one thing only: Everyone else needs to come on more road trips with the Club.

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