Beavers I 58 – 10 Westmount I
Tries: Khalid Omar (3), Andrew Workman (2), Alex Warkus (2), Skye Purdy, Andrew Fawcett, Ryan Martin
Converts: Khalid Omar (3), George Bush
Man of the Match: Khalid Omar
Hardest Worker: Curtis Lee

Beavers II 27- 14 Westmount II
Tries: Nick Bridges (2), Dylan McDonald, Jeremy Salgo
Converts: Miguel Palomino
Man of the Match: Miguel Palomino
Hardest Worker: Jeremy Salgo

Banshees 15 – 22 Hull
Tries: Ashley Amson (2), Jen Huntley
Woman of the Match: Becky Wells
Hardest Worker: Megan Noble

A big shout out to all of the new Beavers and Banshees who played their first game with the club this weekend.

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