The club clothing storefront has been revised, relocated, and reactivated. The clothing will now ship from within Canada at a flat rate, so hopefully that will make things both arrive on time and be more affordable for people. If you are looking to buy clothing, you can find it here Beavers-Banshees Club Clothing Store


We’ve added a number of new clothing items this year, including some sleeveless options for the young folk who seem to hate having fabric touching their arms.


People can place their orders and have them shipped independently, so you don’t have to wait until a bunch of orders are placed before your stuff gets shipped.


There are shipping fees attached to orders, so it may make sense to make a joint order with a number of your team mates so as to minimize the shipping costs you each need to pay.


If you have any feedback on the storefront, please send them to club secretary Ken Ash (

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