After a rough season last summer, the Men’s Jerseys are no longer in the best shape so we are getting a new set! As you may or may not know, a set of 25 jerseys does not come cheap and in order for the club to have enough money to still exist, we could use a little help. If you, the company you work for or anyone else you may know has a charitable heart and would like to support the club, please tell them about our sponsorship packages or send their information to Basically, in exchange for money, a logo will be placed on the Jerseys or on our website as a club contributor.

Also, since the free t-shirts with registration were so popular last year, we plan on doing the same thing again this year. If you do want to sponsor the club but your pockets aren’t as deep, this is a good option for you. All sponsors will have a chance to have their logo or website displayed on the back. These t-shirts are a great way to get exposure for your company!

Of course, any other donations are always appreciated. If you have any further questions, contact Lydia and Leandra at



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