Twin Elm continues to be in a financial crisis. A new board was elected in January and is working to prepare a plan for putting the club on a sound financial footing.

Once more information is available from the board, the club will be announcing a Special General Meeting for current and past members of the club to come, discuss the situation, and hopefully come up with some concrete plans for getting things back on a firm footing.

If you have questions, please email club president Clint Hodges ( and past president Chris “Shaggy” Fox (


Dear Friend of Twin Elm,

I am writing to you as the President of the Board for Twin Elm Rugby Park (TERP). We need your help.

As you are probably aware, Twin Elm has struggled financially for much of its history. It owes its ongoing existence to the incredible support provided by the rugby community in Ottawa, in particular the Twin Elm Founder Members, over the years. This has resulted in Ottawa having some of the best rugby facilities in the country and the game in our city is thriving.

In recent years, Twin Elm has made a number of efforts to secure its place financially and in 2014 the organization saw a step change with a new board and the hiring of a permanent part-time General Manager. Dividing up the day-to-day running of the park from the Board has given the park a complete change in the visibility of TERP in the community as well as the day-to-day organization of the park. Relationships take a while to foster and this process has set the park up for success in coming years – we have a number of new relationships that will provide us with ongoing income in 2015 and beyond.

However, sadly, the changes we have made in 2014 have not been enough to counter our debts and losses from 2013 and earlier operations. Despite significantly better financial management and understanding of operations, old debts to CRA and others could not be deferred any longer and we now find ourselves in the difficult position of needing cash to get through the winter months before the 2015 season. You may have seen a report by CTV Ottawa on our current situation earlier this week – available on:

As such, I find myself in the very difficult position of requiring cash from the community in order to save the park. Without an immediate injection of cash, the park will be forced into receivership before the end of the winter. Rugby in Ottawa will be forced to return to facilities without dedicated changing rooms and an on-site bar. This would clearly be a tragedy for the sport we all love.

The total funds we require amount to around $40,000. This is not an insurmountable goal and hence every penny helps. We have launched a campaign to ‘build a brick’ to garner donations of all sizes – but a brick will be built in everybody’s honor for all donations of $100 and above. These donations can be given at:

For those of you that are able to contribute more significant sums, we are happy to rename parts of the park for the 40th anniversary year. Specifically, for anybody that is able to donate $5,000, we will rename one of the back fields for the year. For $10,000, we will rename the front field. We are very open to other suggestions – if anybody knows a sponsor that would like to have the whole park renamed, our price is around $50,000p.a.

I am sure you have many questions about the current situation and how Twin Elm is being run these days. I have enclosed a FAQ sheet on the next page that hopefully answers most of the questions you have. If you have anything else I can help with, please e-mail me on the address below.

Kind regards,

Andrew Bailes
President, TERP on behalf of the Board of Twin Elm

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