Dyson Pinhey past away this past Wednesday, is was one of the founding members’ of the Bytown Beavers, now the OBBRFC.
Dyson was a larger-than-life character, a joker and scotch drinker of some renown, and also an inveterate organiser and committee man.  He told me he was persuaded to join the original Beavers by Freddie Miller and Flight Lieutenant Richard (Ricci) Evans, when he knew nothing of the game, though he’d played a bit of football, and was fast enough to play on the wing.   As I still have copies of some original Beavers’ records that I inherited along the way, I have a copy of Dyson’s original membership application for the first playing season in 1952, which I’ve scanned and attached, as well as reproduced below.  You’ll see it was proposed by Ricci Evans and signed by Dyson.  And note the handwritten “$1.00 paid” top left – slightly less than current dues, I imagine.
His obituary:

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