This past weekend was a great start to the season. Some great matches and great attendance at the park. The Old Boys matches on Sunday brought back some great people to the park, a good time was had by all.
We will ask for patience from the rugby community as we go through the startup of the rugby season. As you may know TERP is a volunteer organisation and we are making great strides in the improvement of the running of the park, for the betterment of all. We are working to address a couple of the shortfalls at the start and will hopefully have the park up and running at full steam.
There were a couple of incidents on the weekend that I must address with all of you. I understand it is in the minority, but they must be addressed so as to not ruin the atmosphere and fun at TERP.
Admission to park:
The admission fee is charged to all who wish to gain admittance into the park. Whether you park on the road or in the parking lot, admission is charged to all.
The staff at TERP and Founder members are the only people allowed to gain admittance for free.
The fee is $3 per person, $5 per car or $20 for the buses. I apologise for any confusion over the weekend about the rate change that occurred.
A very few people were rude, or abrupt, with the staff member working the admission gate. Please show consideration to people doing their job. If you have issue with the admission, take it up with the owner’s of the park.We will neither condone, nor accept rude or inappropriate behaviour towards the staff.
Consumption of alcoholic beverages:
This is a reminder that Twin Elm policy allows only for the consumption of alcohol which has been purchased at the park. Individuals or Clubs who bring and consume their own alcohol anywhere on the property are placing the facility’s liquor licence in jeopardy.

Individuals who bring and consume their own alcohol will be asked to leave the park, or be subject to intervention by the police. Clubs who bring and consume their own alcohol anywhere on the property will be asked to leave the park, and may be barred from playing at Twin Elm in the future.

While the vast majority of individuals and clubs abide by the rules, contravention of this policy and the potential loss of the liquor licence would be detrimental for all who enjoy the use of the facility and would significantly impact one of the facility’s most important revenue streams.

Your ongoing consideration and support in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Closing remarks
I know this occurrence is in the minority, but we have always operated the park in a self regulated manner, let us not lose that privilege. Looking forward to an exciting year.
We have the high school AAA and AA Boys and girls finals this week.
The NCYRF in July.
Canada vs USA on August 22nd (followed by Rugby Ontario vs New York).
More information will be going out in the near future.
Let’s have a great year and enjoy the rugby.
TERP Executive

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