July 16 was the OBBRFC Club Day, and there was enough rugby, chili, and magical mystery to go around. A huge thanks go out to everyone that helped to make it a success.


Junior Beavers took an early win to kick off Club Day vs the Indians.

Unfortunately the game was won by default because only a handful of Indian players showed up for the match, but the show went on when our boys threw on some Indian jerseys to play a friendly. It was great Beaver on Beaver fun.

Junior Beavers play again on Wednesday vs the Irish at Twin Elm.


Banshees v. Sherbrooke: Lost 40-10

Tries: Nappy and Mel

Woman of the Match: Huntley

Hardes worker: Michaela


Beavers II vs. Westmount II: Win 17-10
Tries: Pous, Bush, Les
Conversion: K.O.

Man of the Match: Pous
Hardest Worker: James Young

Beavers I vs. Westmount I: Loss 19-13

Tries: Robbie

Conversions: Miguel

Penalty Kicks: Miguel (x2)

Man of the Match: Miguel

Hardest Worker: Sorrie

Photos: https://goo.gl/photos/HSEkP8jx32q5yong7

The Senior Beavers return July 23 to play RCM in Montreal.

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