For the past several years, the OBBRFC has been giving players a free Beavers and Banshees t-shirt upon registration at the beginning of every season (thanks again to our sponsors for making this possible).

Every year15871994_1404488989562185_871970793365315037_n, the Exec opens the floor to submissions from Club members to help come up with designs to put on the front of the shirt.

The Exec is pleased to announce that it is once again hosting the open design contest for the 2017 Club shirts.

The stakes on this year’s prize are huge. Not only will the winner receive $50 off their 2017 dues, but they’ll also earn the glory of having their design featured on over a hundred Beavers & Banshees t-shirts. That sort of bragging rights is pretty much priceless.

Few rules:

  • The design must be a FINAL submission. No half-cooked ideas allowed (there are no graphic design artists on the Exec, so they won’t be able to complete your design ideas for you).
  • The design must be monochromatic (one colour).
  • The words Beavers, Banshees, and Rugby must all be featured prominently.

The deadline to email your submissions to has been extended to February 28. Feel free to post on our Facebook page for popular consideration, as well.

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