clocktower-2As you all know, the Clocktower Brew Pub is a fine establishment with many locations across the city. It’s a great place to host a party, meet up with a few friends, or catch a hockey game while sampling some delicious craft beer and nom noms.

More importantly, the Clocktower is also the biggest sponsor for the OBBRFC, and we can directly thank them for about 100% of all the fun and activities we get to do week after week, all summer long.

And in order to maximize the benefits of our sponsorship, all OBBRFC members, friends, and family need to ensure that they collect their receipts every time they go.

If you have any receipts leftover from 2016, it is imperative that you contact President Marc Sorrie immediately because he needs them ASAP.

If you have collected any receipts from 2017 onwards, please hand them to Kim Goodwin (or give them to any responsible-looking Club member to pass them on to Kim).

Make sure you write your names on the back so you can be entered into fun draws and giveaways.

The OBBRFC Executive

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