The Burlington Centaurs travelled to Ottawa this weekend to take on the Beavers and Banshees in a classic battle worthy of Chronicles of Narnia (all the mythical creatures are in the book, if you look closely enough – isn’t that right, Mr. Beaver?),

The Banshees played a close match, ultimately falling two tries to none, while the Beavers lost by about five tries.

Considering that we have only been training for a few weeks so far this season, all our teams held their own very well (even the notable mismatch for the Beavers seconds team). With a few more weeks of training to come before our first games of the season, the senior teams will be in good shape to put up some strong competition this year.

Fun times were had post-game with the ladies and gentlemen from Burlington, and we’d like to thank the Clocktower for being such awesome hosts once again.

We’d especially like to thank Burlington for making the trip down the 401 to give us some stiff (and much needed) pre-season competition to get our summer started off on the right foot.


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