Saturday marked a huge milestone for the OBBRFC, as the Junior Banshees made their return to the rugby pitch in their first game in many years.

Thanks to the generous donations from Club alum, all 17 girls showed up looking super flashy in matching team kit.

And the girls put on quite a competitive show! Although we offered to match numbers with the Irish, we got a good game of 12s going, and the Banshees ended the first half down 10-5. The Irish managed to put a few more up on us in the second half, but it was a great game regardless.

The Senior Banshees then cheered the girls off the field before stepping onto it themselves to face off against TMR. The Banshees put up quite a strong show, winning 47-10 to take the match.

The Senior Beavers had a bit of a rough go it in Montreal, as both teams lost to the St-Lambert Locks. They eagerly return to Ottawa after 3 weekends on the road to square off against Westmount at Twin Elm next weekend.

The Junior Beavers game at Beaconsfield was postponed due to scheduling conflicts and will be held at a later date.

Banshees vs. TMR: Win 47-10
Captain Sandstorm (3)
Mel Michaud (2)
Amy Lewis (2)


Dame of the Game: Kim Goodwin
Hardest Worker: Katya Trieselmann

Junior Banshees vs. Ottawa Irish: Loss 37-5
Malak B.

Dame of the Game: Malak B.
Hardest Worker: Hajir

Beavers II vs. St. Lambert Locks II: Loss 19-15

Man of the Match: Moe
Hardest Worker: Dallas

Beavers I vs. St. Lambert I: Loss 37-5

Man of the Match: Morshead
Hardest Worker: Andrew Young

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