The Juniors had the weekend off, but the Senior teams were in full swing.

The Men were on the road, with the 1s playing the Saracens in Ormstown and the 2s playing the Montreal Exiles. It’s never easy playing two games in two separate locations, but the 2s got a huge boost from Junior Beavers Matt, Wil and Young Gunn who made quite a statement for themselves on the field. The First XV game ended in a 27-27 tie, and the 2s won handily by 60 points (also, the Exiles are a great group of guys).

The Women hosted the Wandering Ravens at Twin Elm. It was a hot match that seemed to go on forever, but a Leeroy Jenkins try from Andrea and the try of a lifetime from Kim (see: blocking a kick in the end zone and catching the ball to score the try), helped secure a 12-5 victory in a game that was hard-fought by both teams.

The standings published by Rugby Quebec are a bit spotty, but as far as we can tell, the Banshees are going into the final stretch of the season in 2nd place in their division. Beavers II are somewhere around 2nd place, and the Beavers Is are tied for 3rd place.

Beavers II vs. Montreal Exiles: Win 68-8
Tries: Bush, Dorken (2), Lucas, James, Matt Byrne (3), Wil, Nappy (Penalty try)
Conversions: Young Young (3)
Man of the Match: Matt Byrne
Hardest Worker: Young Young

Beavers I vs. Ormstown: Tie 27-27
Tries: Miguel, Cummer (2), Will, Someone Else
Conversions: Miguel (3)
Penalty Kick: Miguel
Man of the Match: Jacob Cummer
Hardest Worker: Will Robinson

Banshees vs. Wandering Ravens: Win 12-5
Tries: Andrea, Kim
Conversions: Katya
Dame of the Game: Huntley
Hardest Worker: Captain Sandstorm

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