On Wednesday, August 2, the Junior Banshees literally brought the thunder against an Ottawa Irish girls squad. Lightning that began right before kick-off led to the game’s cancellation.

Senior Banshees travelled to Montreal for a long weekend game against TMR. The women took care of business with a solid win – highlights include Veronica with her all-time most savage tackle, and Nappy scoring on a sprained ankle. Big congrats go to Junior Banshee Julia for going into her first senior game!

Both Senior and Junior Beavers had the week off. A few of the Beavers took to the field alongside the Ottawa Wolves to give them a hand against Kingston. It’s always a great time to partner with the Wolves! Of particular note, Lucas spent the week talking about how great he was going to be at 3rd team rugby, and then got absolutely lit up the second he touched the ball.

Banshees vs. TMR: Win 48-5
Tries: Amy, Sandy (3), Katya (2), Ashley, Nappy
Conversions: Maggie (4)
Dame of the Game: Sandy
Hardest Worker: Anali


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