Both the Beavers teams finished 4th in their respective divisions, which meant they were playing semi-final playoff matches on the road against the top seeds of their divisions. Beavers I were set up against RCM I, while the IIs played the Montreal Barbarians.

In an unprecedented move, Rugby Quebec decided that all men’s semi-final games would be played on Sunday this weekend. However, we owe a big thanks to the Barbs for accepting our request to play on Saturday (hello tradition). RCM wished to keep their game on Sunday.

A big thanks is equally owed to VP Game Jeremy Salgo for sorting out a slew of last-minute logistics, and to anyone who had to rearrange their plans for the weekend to accommodate the unforeseen scheduling issues.

Beavers IIs took a hard loss to a very strong Montreal Barbarians squad (in hindsight, this makes sense when your man of the match is Lucas). Beavers 1st XV also took a defeat the following day. As a result, both men’s teams end their 2017 seasons with semi-final playoff appearances.

All-told, the men have a lot to look forward to going forward – numbers are very strong; we have multiple pathways to recruitment;  practice turnout has been excellent; and we’ve got a lot of solid talent coming up through the pipes. Most importantly, we continue to have fun times together on and off the field. The Beavers rebuild will continue undeterred from one season to the next.

Beavers II vs. Montreal Barbarians: Loss 69-12
Tries: Byrne, OG
Conversions: Moe
Man of the Match: Lucas
Hardest Worker: Arne

Beavers I vs. RCM I: Loss 43-0
Man of the Match: Turner Strang
Hardest Worker: Skye Purdy

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