beaver bowl 1The Beavers and Banshees hosted our third annual Beaver Bowl social touch tournament last week to celebrate the end of the 2017 summer rugby season.

The event is as fun as it is silly, and it’s always a blast to bring together players from all five of our core teams, as well as former players and future recruits (Robin and Bobby, we’ve got our eyes on your kids).

But this is the Beaver Bowl, which means that there can only be one winner written in permanent sharpie onto our beloved/homemade trophy. And this year, we are honoured to inscribe “Team F*** You, Lucas” onto the bowl. Because it’s probably the closest Lucas will ever come to having his name on any kind of trophy.

Once again, the Old Timers found themselves in dead last for the third year running. Maybe one day, there will be Beaver Bowl participation medals. But until then, the Old Timers will continue to go home empty handed.

All told, a lot of fun was had by all – huge thanks to everyone for coming out to make it a great night!

beaver bowl 2


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