The Junior Banshees participated in Eastern Ontario’s WHITU 7s tournament on Sunday.

Other teams in the tournament included Kingston, the Irish, Scottish, Indians and Brantford Harlequins.

The Banshees opened the tournament with a 2-1 loss to the Scottish, but sustained a couple injuries in their first match. Undeterred, the rest of the team stepped up to play another 3 games throughout the afternoon. The final game of the day was also decided by a try, which helps illustrate the impressive development the team has had throughout the summer.

Kudos go to Sydney, Malak, Kishia, and Julia for their tries (and apologies if any others were missed, the scoring got a bit more heated towards the end of the day), and congrats to Malak for getting invited to EORU 7s tryouts for her performance at the tournament.

Overall, the tournie was great fun, and it was a great way to put a cap on the new Jr Banshees inaugural season.


Hardest Worker: Zohra
MVP: Malak

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