The Beavers and Banshees have long been making efforts towards building an inclusive and safe environment for all of its members to enjoy the sport of rugby.

As such, it is time we institutionalize these values by proactively introducing a mechanism for our players, coaches and volunteers to identify and resolve any incidents where they may feel sexually harassed, intimidated or discriminated against by other members of the Club.

And so the Club Executive is introducing the OBBRFC Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Policy. Taking effect immediately, the policy defines the expected behaviours of our membership within the Ottawa Beavers and Banshees RFC, and the mechanisms and procedures that we are setting in place to enforce them.

Although we hope to never use it, we expect that all Club members will familiarize themselves with the contents of this policy so that we can all live up to the standards that we have been setting as an organization.

The full policy can be accessed at this link:

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