All home games for the senior teams this weekend ahead of the Canada-Russia game. The Beavers took home a few hard-earned wins, and the Bamshees took home some hard-earned bruises.

The Beavers, armed with two (nearly) full line-ups for each team, set to work against the St Lambert Locks and managed to take two wins and two bonus points for the weekend in a few of the most fun games to play in recent memory. Kudzo (aka Shylo) also surprised us all by scoring a flying Superman try that got the crowd pretty amped up.

For the Banshees, it’s a rare occasion that a score can be so one-sided yet there be so many positive takeaways from a game. It was a grinding hot game where a whole lot of players were out of position, but perseverance was in no short supply. The Banshees supported each other resiliently and had some of the best scrums of the season. And nods go to Chey for getting a great run through a gap, and Malak for being there as support to score the try and keep us on the scoreboard.

Beavers II vs. St Lambert II: Win 32-5
Tries: Kudzo, Andrew White, Moe, Cummer, Skye, Miguel Olivier
Conversions: Moe
Hardest Worker: Miguel
Man of the Match: Cummer

Beavers I vs. St. Lambert I: Win 22-13
Tries: Emerson, Rene, Salgo, Skye
Conversions: Miguel
Hardest Worker: KO
Man of the Match: Salgo

Banshees vs. Ottawa Irish: Loss 110-7
Tries: Malak
Conversions: Hailie
Hardest Worker: Shelagh
Dame of the Game: Veronica

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