The Beavers 1st XV played the Ottawa Ospreys (née Indians) on Saturday at Twin Elm. It was a brutally physical game, but 80 minutes was not long enough to decide the winner between the two teams.

The Banshees continued their uphill grind through a very strong division, travelling to Quebec City to take on the women from le Club Rugby de Quebec (CRQ). Even though they played short two players for the last 20 minutes, the Banshees did not quit and fought until the end.

Beavers I vs. Ottawa Ospreys: Tie 13-13
Tries: Gunner, Raf
Penalty Kick: Miguel
Hardest Worker: Gunner
Man of the Match: Migs

Banshees vs. CRQ II: Loss 92-7
Tries: Malak
Conversions: Hailie
Hardest Worker: Keara
Dame of the Game: Emma Thuot

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