The Senior men were the only teams playing this weekend, as they travelled together to play the Westmount Ravens in Montreal.

The Beavers 2nd XV showed a tonne of grit and perseverance, battling to take the win over Westmount 2s in the final moments of the game.

The Beavers 1st XV fell to Westmount 1s, but they toughed it out to the final whistle.

Beavers II vs. Westmount II: Win 18-17
Tries: Ken, Shylo, Robbie
Penalty Kicks: Giacomo
Hardest Worker: Mitch
Man of the Match: T-Bone

Beavers I vs. Westmount I: Loss 22-0
Hardest Worker: Steve
Man of the Match: KO

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