A lot of summer rugby came to an end this week :'(

The Junior Banshees ended their season by joining forces with the Irish to play a hybrid Brockville-Kingston team. It was a great game and the juniors had a lot of synergy with the Irish players.

The Senior Banshees had rallied themselves to end a tough season with a big win against TMR in Montreal. Unfortunately, TMR called in a forfeit at the 11th hour, so the women didn’t have to travel to take home the win.

The Junior Beavers played the Irish and Ospreys in back-to-back mini games for their last game of the season. Each game was extremely close and could have gone either way, but the boys lost 5-0 against the Irish and 24-21 against the Ospreys.

The Senior Beavers 2nd XV played Beaconsfield 2s at TERP for their final home game of the year. Close match, but the men fell by a try.

The Beavers 1st XV took on the top-seeded Beaconsfield 1s team. We had the offense going, but unfortunately the defensive lines had some gaps that Beaconsfield was able to exploit to steal the game.

Junior Banshees/Irish vs. Brockville: Loss 30-15
Dame of the Game: The whole squad!

Banshees vs. TMR: Win 25-0

Junior Beavers vs. Irish: Loss 5-0
Tries: Kieran?
Hardest Worker: Pierre
Man of the Match: Tough

Junior Beavers vs. Ospreys: Loss 24-21
Tries: AP, Kieran, Pierre
Conversions: Blaise (2), Kieran

Beavers II vs. Beaconsfield II: Loss 20-15
Tries: TJ, Byrne, Sparks
Hardest Worker: Young Gunn
Man of the Match: Pierre

Beavers I vs. Beaconsfield I: Loss 50-30
Tries: Valentin, Xander, Bush (2)
Conversions: Migs (2)
Penalties: Migs  (2)
Hardest Worker: Shaggy
Man of the Match: Sluggo

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