So You Want to Be a Rugby Player?


Online registration for the 2018 season is now live, and can be accessed by clicking the button below.

Please contact the Club Registrar, Nick Catton, if you have any other questions or concerns, or visit our Registration Walkthrough.


New Players

New players are always welcome, and the Club runs a number of teams to accommodate and develop various skill levels from beginner and recreational players to experienced, competitive athletes.

For those entirely new to the sport, we recommend the Beginner’s Guide to Rugby from World Rugby.

If you’d like to join,  you can drop in at practice. You’re welcome to show up unannounced, and you can actively participate or observe at your leisure to help get yourself into it.

For more information before joining the Beavers or Banshees, do not hesitate to contact us.


Rugby is a fairly light sport when it comes to equipment. All you will need to be game-ready is:
– Cleats
– Mouthguard (Dental Armour offers high quality custom-made mouthguards at very reasonable costs)
– (White) rugby shorts
– Socks

We can gladly help you find all of these items, if you need assisance.

Club Dues

Club dues for the 2018 season are set at $450 for Seniors, $400 for Students and $275 for Juniors, plus system charges.

In order to help players manage their annual dues and promote the growth of the sport, senior players are also entitled to $50 discounts for:
– Recruiting new players; and
– Playing their first season with the Club.

If any of these apply to you, contact the Club Registrar, Nick Catton, prior to completing your registration in order to arrange the appropriate discounts.

Players identifying as students on their registration will be asked for proof that they are in school. 

Social Membership

Former players for the Beavers and Banshees are also encouraged to continue their association with the club. Social member dues are $50 for the year and, in addition to helping the club out, ensure that you’re contacted about upcoming club events both on and off field.

The OBBRFC is proud to support:


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