The Ottawa Beavers and Banshees RFC online clothing store is now open, and can be accessed below.

In partnership with Entripy Shops, you now have the opportunity to order your Beavers and Banshees clothing so that you can represent your Club pride on a variety of clothing items with our logos.

Entripy Shops offers many benefits to our members:
-Affordable pricing
-Tons of selection
-Customizable designs
-No minimum orders
-Free shipping on orders over $50
-10 day delivery

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Please Note: that there is currently a large selection of styles, colours and logo designs that you are free to choose from. This being said, please ensure you choose logos that jive with the colour of the clothing you ordered (ex: red logo will not look good on a red shirt). All orders are final, so please review your logo selections and sizings before submitting your orders.