These are the schedules for the entire OBBRFC 2018 season. Any further changes will be communicated accordingly.

Please try to plan your summer vacations accordingly to maximize your availability.

Saturday, July 14 will be Beavers and Banshees Club Day. All five of the Club’s teams will play back-to-back matches on the Twin Elm front pitch. Celebrations will ensue. 

 2018 Senior Beavers Schedule

Except where otherwise indicated, all games feature back-to-back games from the Beavers 1st and 2nd XV teams.

May 3Beavers (TD Place)Gladiateurs
May 12OffOff
May 19 (May 24 Weekend)OffOff
May 26Beavers ISt-Jean-sur-Richelieu
June 2BeaconsfieldBeavers
June 9OffOff
June 16BeaversSt Lambert
June 23Beavers IOttawa Ospreys
June 30 (Canada Day Weekend)Beavers IIMont Tremblant
July 7St-Jean-sur-RichelieuBeavers I
July 14BeaversWestmount
July 21Beavers IOttawa Ospreys
XV de MontrealBeavers II
July 28Mont TremblantBeavers II
August 4 (August Long Weekend)OffOff
August 11BeaversBeaconsfield
August 18WestmountBeavers
August 25St LambertBeavers
September 1 (Labour Day Weekend)OffOff
September 8Play-off Semi-FinalsTBD
September 15Play-off FinalsTBD

2018 Senior Banshees Schedule

May 3Banshees (TD Place)Gladiateurs
May 12OffOff
May 19 (May 24 Weekend)SherbrookeBanshees
May 26BansheesTown of Mount Royal
June 2BansheesQuebec City
June 9BansheesKingston
June 16BansheesOttawa Irish
June 23Quebec CityBanshees
June 30 (Canada Day Weekend)OffOff
July 7KingstonBanshees
July 14 (Club Day)BansheesOttawa Irish
July 21OffOff
July 28BansheesSherbrooke
August 4 (August Long Weekend)OffOff
August 11Town of Mount RoyalBanshees
August 18Play-off Semi-FinalsTBD
August 25Play-off FinalsTBD

2018 Junior Beavers Schedule

Please note that this schedule is still highly tentative.

June 27St. Anne de BellevueBeavers
July 8 BeaconsfieldBeavers
July 14BeaversKingston Panthers
July 20BeaversBytown Blues
July 28BeaversOttawa Irish
August 8BeaversOttawa Irish

2018 Junior Banshees Schedule

Please note that this schedule is still highly tentative.

June 27BansheesOttawa Irish
July 6BrockvilleBanshees
July 14BansheesOspreys
July 22BansheesKingston
August 1Play-OffsTBD
August 12Play-OffsTBD

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